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With our years of experience and strong understanding of roofs, we guarantee to provide the appropriate roof solutions that your home needs.

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One of the many home improvement projects that homeowners want to do is repainting their roof. Whether you are getting tired of its colour, or you simply want to prepare before the roof starts rusting or leaking, get in touch with Everton Park Painters, the only professionals for the job!

Remember that painting your roof is not something that should be rushed. Not many people realise it, but roof painting also comes with a bit of science behind it.

There are correct methods of painting and repairing the roof. If done well, roof repainting will not only give your home a more beautiful exterior, but it will also add more sturdiness, especially with the harsh Queensland weather conditions.

At Everton Park Painters, painting your roof is not just something we do for a living; it is also something that we enjoy doing. Our team of roofing experts can perform any roof-related job such as repainting, repairing, and sealing and blocking roof leaks.

With our years of experience and strong understanding of roofs, we guarantee to provide the appropriate roof solutions that your home needs. We’ll see to it that your hard earned money goes to good use by providing high-quality roofing services to you.

Our team of experienced roof experts can even give you colour consultation so that you would be able to decide on the best colour to use on your roof.

We value excellent workmanship, but we also appreciate the right colour of paint that will complement your home’s overall appearance.

Everton Park Painters is a team composed of roofing experts who know stuff around the top of your house. So, you can be assured that the work promised to you will be the work completed. We don’t only strive to provide high-quality roofing services, but we will also make sure that you only get the best materials in the market for long-lasting results.

We take pride in our workmanship. We do understand the risks associated with working from a height. Therefore, we use the right type of working gear to make sure that our team is safe while doing their job. Roof repainting is our expertise, but safety is our top priority for our team as well as yourself.

With over 20 years of providing roofing solutions in Queensland, Everton Park Painters are here to protect your roof from changing weather conditions. If your existing roof paint is already in poor condition, it is probably time to get it repainted already.

Ring us up today to learn about what we can to do with your old roof. We are proud to have helped countless homeowners in Queensland.

It’s time that we do the same for you.

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